Back To The Future Got One Thing Right About 2015

Back To The Future Got One Thing Right About 2015

Fusion powered flying cars, hover boards, self-drying clothes. When Back To The Future Part II wowed audiences back in 1989 what October 21st 2015 would look like, it might have got some things wildly wrong but it got one thing right... drones?


Yes, it's that date.


October the 21st 2015. The date that Marty McFly and Doc Brown visited in Back To The Future Part II. It just so happens that Back To The Future and Part 2 are two of my favourite movies (forget about Part III) and to celebrate I decided to watch both of them last night.

Although Part II is still a great movie after all these years, you can't but help work out what remained fantasy and what became reality. One sequence really stands out, and I must have seen this sequence hundreds of times, but when Biff is arrested in 2015, for what I presume is "misadventure with a hover board", there's a brief moment where a USA Today unmanned aerial vehicle flies down to take his picture. That's right, a drone!

Spot the drone!


Well it turns out that Back To The Future didn't quite get it right. Drones in 2015 certainly look a lot sleeker than they predicted. And while they are beginning to be used to capture news, they are now being used in all sorts of applications with a major area of interest being security and protection.

Thanks to some drones having an in-built GPS, it's possible to pre-program drones to carry out guard tours - with the operator without having to leave the comfort of their desk. Likewise, if there's a suspected intruder, instead of sending out a guard to find out more, you can now send our a remote controlled drone.

And forget still images, drones can now take full motion HD video!

So on this day, October 21st 2015, crack open an ice-cold Pepsi Perfect (yes, Pepsi have released a limited edition of Pepsi Perfect) and enjoy Back To The Future Day!

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