ASIS 2015 Roundup

ASIS 2015 Roundup

Wireless Body Worn Video, Internet Of Things and Drones bring excitement to ASIS 2015.

ASIS is one of the major security trade shows and is focused on end user attendees, giving manufacturers like IndigoVision the chance to speak directly to security managers and directors. This year ASIS was from California and proved to be IndigoVision's most successful trade show yet in terms of booth visitors and sales opportunities.

So what made ASIS 2015 so successful for IndigoVision? Months of planning, pre-show campaigns a great new booth? I think all of those helped. We also used ASIS 2015 as an opportunity to preview our ""Virtual Lab"" technologies, future developments that our R&D team are investigating. Technologies that we think will become the mainstream. Let's take a look at the three hottest technologies we were showing at ASIS 2015.

Wireless FrontLine Body Worn Video

Our existing FrontLine Body Worn Video was already included in the ASIS ""Security's Best"" accolades. However, on our booth was a preview of the wireless FrontLine camera. Streaming video, audio and ""panic alarms"" remotely over wireless infrastructure, the wireless FrontLine gives even more protection to frontline staff - all you need is a wireless FrontLine and a wireless router.

That begins to solve all sorts of problems. Airport, banking, healthcare, retail staff - anyone who has to deal with potentially aggressive members of the public - can now simply click a button to stream evidence remotely to a security operator with no need for expensive cabling.

Internet of Things Gateway

Internet of Things (IoT) is gaining a lot of buzz in the security industry. There's still a lot of unknowns about IoT - what is it, how will it affect security installations?

Essentially, it's different devices and different systems all communicating with each other. You might also know it as ""integration""! Doesn't sound so complex now, does it?

On show was our IoT Gateway, an appliance that builds upon our Integration Modules - where the IndigoVision system can seamlessly communicate with multiple third party systems - access control, perimeter detection, building management, pretty much anything.

Normally these systems all ""talk"" with different languages, making communications difficult. The reality is, you have to be a linguist in 20 different languages. The IndigoVision IOT Gateway is an appliance preconfigured with our integration translation modules, meaning you plug it in and it can talk to Lenel, Software House, Gallagher - you name it! All of a sudden the IndigoVision IoT Gateway makes IoT a lot less complicated.

Drones/Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Although we can see how drones could benefit the security industry - like being able to send out a drone, instead of a person, on a remote guard tour or being able to view video from 3 miles away, without leaving your desk - we were still unsure of how ready the security market was for drones.

Well judging by how many people came to the booth to see drone technology integrated into our Control Center video management software, the industry is ready! And not only did it draw in security end users, it even brought in the local LA television news channel to interview us! Next stop Hollywood!

Bring on ASIS 2016

So while some manufacturer's were complaining of the quality of ASIS 2015, maybe we have to look at what security directors and managers want to see at a trade show - not just ""me too"" security cameras with more pixels, but innovative technologies that help solve their problems. Something that I often think is missing in the security industry.

Now to plan for ASIS 2016 in Orlando!


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