Colombian President Launches

Colombian President Launches ""Live in Peace"" City Security Strategy

With IndigoVision's video security system protecting over 350 cities across the country, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos held a press conference launching the next stage of Colombia's ""Live in Peace"" strategy. Using IndigoVision's security system means that Colombian Police forces can easily access cameras from any location across the whole country.

The following extract is taken from the Colombian Government's official press release:

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos put into operation a modern system of security through surveillance cameras that will substantially increase security in Cúcuta, Valledupar, Riohacha, Pasto and Cali.

The installed systems are part of the Live Security Strategy, ""Live in Peace"", agreed nine months ago by the mayors of participating cities and will help substantially reduce crime rates, said the Head of State in the Norte de Santander capital, where he communicated with local leaders.

The President was accompanied by the Minister of the Interior, Juan Fernando Cristo; the Director of Police, General Rodolfo Palomino and the Mayor of Cucuta, Donamaris Ramirez.Â

Director of Police, General Rodolfo Palomino, Minister of the Interior, Juan Fernando Cristo, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and the Mayor of Cucuta, Donamaris Ramirez pictured in front of Indigovision's Control Center.

Juan Fernando Cristo said that more than 2,000 security cameras will benefit more than 4 million people in these five capitals. The investment will allow the crime in 2016 decrease by almost 23 percent.

""This is a good gift for Cúcuta and these cities, because they should really have a very positive impact on the safety of cucuteños"" said President Santos.

He explained that this scheme gave very positive results in New York at the time that Rudolph Giuliani was mayor, who has visited Colombia several times in recent years to recommend plans to improve public safety.

""What we are doing today will help us a lot,"" he said and recalled that nine months ago the mayors of six cities met in the presidential palace and signed with the Minister of Interior the ""Live in Peace"" project to cover 100 percent to their cities with cameras.Â

He said that ""it is proven in many studies, analysis in other cities that the presence of security cameras in the most difficult places in the cities, has a very positive impact to lower crime rates and crime ""

Original Spanish story can be read here.

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