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Don’t forget the human side of security management

Don’t forget the human side of security management

While technology is advancing the security industry, the human dimension has been left behind according to IndigoVision which is launching its new Command & Control product.

Agora from IndigoVision will enhance the traditional end-to-end security solution by introducing a new layer of management capability and business intelligence that will guide operators in their response to security incidents.

“Organisations spend billions on technology to protect people and assets but still can’t guarantee that operators will be able to handle critical incidents consistently and be able to audit them later,” said Pedro Vasco Simoes, Chief Executive of IndigoVision.

“No matter what technology comes along, the operator remains a vital component of any security solution. While we, as an industry, have become good at creating technologies that allow us to deliver security and surveillance management, we have not effectively addressed the human dimension that would enable us to be proactive and consistent in our response.

“Regardless of how many manuals you have, people can be prone to errors and forgetting, particularly in high stress situations. Agora solves this by creating a new layer of management capability that makes an operator an efficient part of any end-to-end security solution.”

Designed for organisations with a control room requirement, Agora ensures an accurate and prompt response to security incidents through the implementation of workflows and standard operating procedures that can be customised. Whether it’s a low-level incident, such as an expired access card, or a major incident, like a bomb threat, operators will now follow the correct procedures in the same way every time.

In order to deliver systems that are reliable and support continuous improvement, Agora also enables users to supervise security systems and be notified of technical issues, as well as provide the ability to audit and measure the performance of security operators.



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Agora centralizes security operations

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