IndigoVision Assists Manizales Police In Pursuit

IndigoVision Assists Manizales Police In Pursuit

Colombian newspaper ""La Patria"" has reported a crime captured by Manizales Police using their newly installed city wide IndigoVision CCTV solution.

Utilizing 461 IndigoVision Cameras, IndigoVision's NVRs, 43 operators and over 170 thousand metres of fibre optic cable, Manizales Police new city wide CCTV solution opened on January 26th and is already reassuring the city resident's safety concerns.

Last week, Manizales Police released a video showing how a combination of IndigoVision PTZ Cameras, IndigoVision Control Center and on the ground Police officers captured culprits who were involved in a cell phone theft. Furthermore in the article, Wilmar Ramirez Morales, an engineer for the Government Secretariat of Manizales explains how the cameras and system works. Read the article here and watch the video here.

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