Experience a New Era of Security Intelligence

Experience a New Era of Security Intelligence

IndigoVision marks new era of security intelligence at ASIS International 2017 with our most innovative product launch to date.

IndigoVision announces the launch of Control Center v15.0 at ASIS International 2017 in Dallas, Texas. This is our most innovative software release to date, marking a new era of security intelligence with the addition of Control Center Mobile, CyberVigilant®, and Artificial Intelligence powered by BriefCam.

Our security management solution, Control Center v15.0, is a fully integrated user interface for managing video, access control and alarms. It puts everything in the users' territory at their fingertips. Easy to install and intuitive to operate, Control Center gives users vision, sound and oversight of all cameras, from 1 to 100,000. The introduction of Control Center Mobile allows users' seamless access to Control Center, even if they are on the move.

With the same intelligence as Control Center, Control Center Mobile allows users to connect to their site database with the same permissions, access live video from cameras and to receive, view and acknowledge alarms in real time.

Our highly anticipated unique and innovative cyber-security technology, CyberVigilant®, is here and it is fully integrated into Control Center v15.0. With expert knowledge of IP CCTV, Site Databases and the integrated knowledge of Control Center alarm management this intelligent device can detect and monitor system abnormalities to provide a quick response to potential cyber-threats. Users receive notifications direct to the Control Center user interface in the event that a cyber-attack takes place.

Reviewing video footage captured in Control Center has never been more powerful using our new Artificial Intelligence powered by BriefCam. This technology partnership enables users of our solution to quickly and easily review hours of footage in minutes, and rapidly identify people and objects of interest by object type, attribute, direction, color or size. BriefCam's powerful analytics and deep learning capabilities convert raw video into quantitative actionable insights, supporting a broad set of use-cases across an organization such as uncovering commonly used routes, identifying dwell locations and revealing popular consumer products in a retail setting. Together with real-time, smart alerts, these transformative capabilities can be used to increase security and safety, improve organizational efficiency and enhance the customer experience.

Commenting on this development Marcus Kneen, IndigoVision's CEO, said "Control Center has long been known for its innovation, with Control Center being the world's first scalable VMS in 2002. We are delighted to be introducing the next wave of security intelligence to this with Control Center v15.0 featuring the addition of Control Center Mobile, support for CyberVigilant®, and Artificial Intelligence powered by BriefCam.""

Since being founded in 1994 we have had many great successes with innovation and cutting edge technologies, specifically in airports, casinos, education, government, health and industrial markets. With their commitment to open standards, integration and unique Distributed Network Architecture coupled with this new innovative intelligence, We are well and truly bringing our trusted, experienced and field-proven video security solution, Control Center, to a new era of security intelligence, once again making it an industry-leading security solution.

Marcus continued ""We are very excited to have entered into a technology partnership with BriefCam. The Artificial Intelligence that it brings to the IndigoVision solution is a great step forward in our security intelligence.""

This new era of security intelligence within Control Center v15.0 is aligned with our strategic goal of providing innovative security solutions that keep you safe. Coupled with the Control Center tiered software release this approach is part of a wider commitment to offer flexible innovative solutions, a stance that is already reflected by our tiered camera and storage offerings.

For more information on Control Center v15.0 featuring Control Center Mobile, CyberVigilant® and IndigoVision's Artificial Intelligence powered by BriefCam, please contact us now.

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