IndigoVision CEO Interviewed By Government Security News

IndigoVision CEO Interviewed By Government Security News

IndigoVision Launches Rebrand As Video Surveillance Company Seeks Growth In US.

When it came to developing the new branding for IndigoVision, CEO Marcus Kneen knew whose input he wanted most.

The U.K.-based provider of IP video management products and solutions unveiled the new branding, which included a new tag line ("Safe is a Wonderful Feeling") and a redesigned Web site, at the ASIS2015 conference in September. The end products are a result of 18 months of work, including surveys and conversations with end users, installation partners and employees.

Feedback from those groups took precedence, said Kneen, who has been with the company for 12 years and has served as its top executive since December 2011.

"What IndigoVision means to me is really secondary to what IndigoVision means to the people we sell to," he said. "I'm not important. The customers are very important."

The ASIS conference gave IndigoVision a target to finalize the rebranding initiative as it also focuses on a new market for growth - the United States. And the public sector will play a large role in the company's plans to grow in the United States.

IndigoVision makes cameras, recording equipment and management software. It has installed its products at more than 10,000 locations in 90 countries in such places as airports, banks and casinos. Across the world, IndigoVision has won contracts to provide cameras and equipment for airlines, for manufacturers in various industries and for major events, such as the 2014 FIFA Soccer World Cup in Brazil.

As the company has grown, Kneen said company officials took notice that more of its clientele were either based in the United States or had a significant presence here. While the company is a major player in the security market in other countries in Europe, Asia and even the Americas, it's not as well known in the States. The company has a market share of about 6 percent in Canada and 15 percent in Colombia, where 250 cities in the South American country use its products. However, in the U.S., the market share is less than 1 percent.

"We've got to reproduce those successes in the U.S.," Kneen said. "From our product set, from our service level, from our delivery capability, we're there, but it is the world's best kept secret."

That "best kept secret" status may not be around for long, though, as Kneen added the clients IndigoVision have worked with here in the States have become evangelists for the company. In southern California, for example, the company has contracts with about 20 cities. In Lynwood, a Los Angeles suburb, the city has used IndigoVision's video management system to help it cut crime by 60 percent. That success led neighboring cities to bring them on for their systems as well.

The company plans to use its current contacts to help it expand in the government sector.

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