IndigoVision launches a new range of 'faster, bigger, better' Network Video Recorders

IndigoVision launches a new range of 'faster, bigger, better' Network Video Recorders

Faster: At 3Gbps IndigoVision achieves twice the data recording rate of our nearest rivals.

Bigger: Up to 1.5PB storage in a single NVR, a security industry first.

Better: IndigoVision introduces SMART.guard technology - cybersecurity, redundancy, resilience.

Keeping your footage safe and secure 24/7 is IndigoVision's number one priority. With over 16 years' experience in working with storage solutions we know exactly what makes a world class NVR that is safe, reliable and trustworthy.

IndigoVision's NVRs have been designed and injected with Distributed Network Architecture (DNA) to allow you to easily expand your system. They also contain IndigoVision's innovative SMART.guard technology. SMART.guard introduces five layers of security to protect your data. Cybersecurity, Digital Watermarking, NVR Failover, RAID resilience and Fault Monitoring, there has never been a range of NVRs so dependable.

The latest NVR-AS 4000 designs on the Large Enterprise, Enterprise and Compact appliances include all of these fantastic features and more, outshining the nearest competition in both performance and throughput.

The Large Enterprise NVR-AS 4000s can record up to 600 security cameras per NVR, have a massive 3Gbps of throughput and up to 1.5PB of storage.

If you want to shout about an NVR the Enterprise NVR-AS 4000 is the one! Not only is it available in both Windows and Linux OS and can record up to 200 cameras, it now has doubled the performance of the nearest rival with 2Gbps of throughput and up to 112TB of storage.

Lastly the Compact NVR-AS 4000s are perfect for sites with up to 20 cameras and ideal for distributed multi-site recording. Increased storage options of 1TB, 3TB and 4TB provide more freedom of choice for those of you wanting a small powerful appliance.

All NVRs are plug and play ready and come with IndigoVision's flexible system design that allows you to mix and match to build a solution that is perfect for your needs, regardless of the system size.

Invest in the IndigoVision's storage solution to get that ‘safe is a wonderful feeling'. We've got you covered 100% of the way.

Find out more about these great products by downloading the Product Catalog now or click here to contact us.

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