See beyond the visible, with IndigoVision's new BX Thermal Bullet Camera!

See beyond the visible, with IndigoVision's new BX Thermal Bullet Camera!

Smoke, fog, the depths of night or in the middle of the day, the BX Thermal Bullet Camera always has its eye on your safety.

With outstanding thermal sensitivity technology the BX Thermal Bullet Camera is the perfect solution for dark, long range monitoring applications; bringing another dimension of security to IndigoVision's camera range.

With a VOx uncooled thermal sensor and athermalized focus free lens, the BX Thermal Bullet Camera provides an all-in-one intelligence-driven solution for extreme outdoor and indoor thermal security. High thermal sensitivity captures more image details and accurate temperature measurements over long distances, providing endless installation possibilities; from perimeter detection to process or machinery monitoring.

Combined with powerful, built-in intelligent video and thermal analytics which can detect a maximum, minimum or temperature differences, alerting users when an abnormality is detected.

Perfect for different installations across multiple industry verticals, the BX Thermal Bullet Camera is the latest addition to IndigoVision's Specialized Camera range and offers many new features:

  • Multiple Resolution Options - 336 x 256 or 640 x 512 VOx Uncooled Thermal sensors providing the resolution you desire.
  • High Thermal Sensitivity- 40mK with an athermalized focus free lens delivers accurate temperature measurements over long distances.
  • Thermal Analytics - Temperature Measurement -40°C to +550°C, Hot Trace and Fire Warning.
  • Advanced Analytics- Motion Detection, Hooded, Tripwire, Intrusion, and Object Abandoned.
  • Extensive Operating Temperature Range- -40°C to +60°C effective camera operation.
  • IP67 rated - Vandal resistant and suitable for internal/external installations.
  • Open- Connect with Control Center, or any third party system, using ONVIF's Profile S standard.
  • Time Saving- Installed using a single PoE cable these cameras are quick to install saving installers time. Sensor locations are pre-set, adjust the tilt and you are ready to go.
  • Reliable and Tested - A rigorous testing regime including vibration and extreme temperature ensures all cameras have IndigoVision's seal of reliability before they are sold. When you purchase an IndigoVision BX Thermal Camera you are purchasing a camera that is fit for purpose.

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