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Why should you simplify your campus security system?

Why should you simplify your campus security system?

Complex campus surveillance systems make security management more difficult, which is why security managers should look to simplify their surveillance systems as much as possible. This can be a challenge because the implementation of a campus security system involves coordinating disparate university sites, systems and stakeholders to cooperate seamlessly towards the same objective. Despite this complex challenge, the number one priority for campus security managers must always be to ensure the personal safety and security of staff, students and visitors when they are on the university campus.

Keep Control of your Campus Security System as it expands

As universities expand, their security systems have to grow at the same pace, which often leads to over-complicated additions and installations. Instead of a cohesive campus security system which functions to improve public safety, operators can be left trying to coordinate conflicting elements in the system which aren’t designed to work together.

Complicated campus security systems become impossible to maintain, meaning that faults in the system - such as a broken camera - are not identified until it is too late. For example, operators may be looking for specific footage following an incident but are unable to locate it due to the broken camera, leaving them unable to pass evidence on to law enforcement.

Most universities are made up of buildings spread across a number of campuses over a large geographical area, while the security team might be operating from one centralized control room. This creates challenges in terms of the large numbers of cameras and recorders that are required to monitor and maintain safety on campus, and many universities find that their campus security systems are out of date, relying on older analog devices.

Update your Campus Surveillance System with the latest IP technology

Updating old analog cameras into a new IP system can really help to simplify your campus security system for a variety of reasons:

- One digital camera can quadruple the coverage area of an analog camera, which means that you need to install fewer cameras in your system. It’s then easier to maintain and monitor fewer cameras and ensure they are working correctly.
- IP cameras operate on an open platform and are easier to tailor and scale as your site expands, making it much simpler to add hardware and integrate new software.
- Fewer cables are required to connect up an IP system, which is a big advantage when you’re installing a campus security system which needs to connect many different locations.

Install an intuitive surveillance system for your Campus security team

Another vital reason why it’s important to simplify your campus security system is so that operators can use the system to its full potential to maintain and improve public safety. Jenn Ciolfi, 2019 Winner at the Women in security Awards and Head of Precinct Services at The University of Dundee, explains:

From the perspective of a university – in terms of maintaining a duty of care – we could buy the most advanced system in the world, but if our officers couldn't use it properly on a regular basis, it would just be a very expensive paperweight.

Both in terms of getting operators up to speed quickly with a new system, as well as training new members of staff to operate an existing system, it’s important that the front-end user interface is simple and intuitive to use. Jenn Ciolfi explains why it’s vital to have a campus security system that prioritizes ease of use:

That's what I need for my frontline officers. They have different strengths and weaknesses – technology is not everybody's strength. So, having a system that officers – whether they're technically inclined or not – can sit down and pick up very quickly is essential.

Future-proof your Campus Security System

A simplified campus security system means that public safety will never be compromised, no matter who is on duty. Of course, campus security managers have to assess the need to update and simplify their surveillance systems with the investment required to do so. If you don’t have the budget to install a completely new system, there are alternatives available which mean you can simply upgrade elements of your current equipment: for example by keeping your analog cameras and using a modern front-end Control Center.

Only once your campus security system is simplified and optimized, so it functions seamlessly across different campuses and can be operated to its full potential by operators, can your security system truly ensure the safety of students, staff and visitors. If you would like to learn more and think that your university surveillance system could benefit from being simplified, click the link below:

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