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5 ways your organisation can benefit from an end-to-end security solution

5 ways your organisation can benefit from an end-to-end security solution

Choosing a security solution can be a challenging process and half the struggle can be knowing where to start. It might, at first, seem easier to mix and match various products but it’s important to know the implications and how this might affect your system and its ability to expand in the future. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve looked at five ways you will benefit from working with an end-to-end security solution provider.

Cover all your needs with interoperable systems

An end-to-end security solution should be able to accommodate all your needs, from cameras to video management software with analytics, and from network video recorders to encoders. As they are designed to work seamlessly together, you can be confident they will just work, giving you a system that is easy to use and maintain. Your security management software should bring your system together and guarantee that you can hear, see and locate incidents instantly and with ease.

Additionally, you can be sure that you will be able to enjoy all the features from each product and don’t miss out on any functionality, which could happen with solutions that were not created to be used together in the first place. The system will be thoroughly thought and designed to work as a whole, ensuring ease of use and a hassle-free setup.

For those times when you do need to incorporate third-party options, an end-to-end solution will continue to demonstrate its value. As it’s designed to bring together all the component parts, industry standards, such as ONVIF, will ensure the system can speak to each other and will continue benefit from the full functionality. 

The surveillance industry is always changing and evolving to meet new requirements, such as the ones created by the pandemic during the past year. Our industry is driven by innovation, and new technology will keep appearing. Getting your solution from the same supplier means that as new features are released, you will be able to enjoy them straight away, without having to worry about how it will impact your existing system.

Let your system grow with you

Whether you want to start with a small security solution or a more complex one, your system and requirements are likely to evolve throughout the years. Using an end-to-end surveillance solution from the right supplier will ensure that your system can grow and evolve with you. Perhaps you only require static cameras and basic analytics now, but you might decide a few years down the line that you actually need more from your system. You might then need advanced analytics or more powerful cameras.

When this happens, the last thing you want is to start the whole research process all over again. Choosing a provider with a wide range of products ensures you’ll be able to add new components to your system seamlessly. Picking products from different suppliers, perhaps to keep costs down, can seem appealing at first, but you’ll definitely pay the price in the long term. Your investment should grow with you, without needing to change at its core, so you can simply add items instead of having to replace old ones.

It’s also important to choose a supplier that offers systems where scalability is unlimited. Keeping in mind that the number of users, workstations, cameras, recorders, sites and video walls will evolve with time, will allow you to choose a solution that will always meet your requirements, no matter how large or complex, so you can upgrade your system in no time.

Make staff training easy

An efficient security system should considerably reduce human error, which is a big factor when it comes to false alarms. It’s paramount that operators can react quickly and properly to security alerts, to ensure that incident response time is minimised and that the team can focus their attention and energy on what matters most.

Having different security systems means that everyone on the team, including those who are not necessarily tech-savvy, need to be trained on all the different systems. This can be time-consuming and far from ideal, and may result in confusion at times where reacting promptly is absolutely crucial. Having a single integrated system means that the team will know what procedure to follow. It ensures that operators can react confidently in case of incidents, when quick response and compliance are critical.

What’s more, when new functionality becomes available and systems evolve, training will be available from the same supplier. This will save time but also ensure ease of use and allow you and your team to be confident, knowing incidents will continue to be managed without any issues.

Enjoy hassle-free installation, support and maintenance

When choosing your system, your security solutions provider will be able to help you design, install and maintain it, so it matches your requirements. Being able to get reliable information from the same provider will make this job faster and easier. Having documentation available to cover the entire system gives everyone reassurance that it is meeting your expectations. A provider with a full range of security products ensures that the design and installation will be seamless and work perfectly from the very beginning of the process.

When it comes to maintaining your system, an end-to-end solution can send you alerts to advise if and when there is an issue, keeping your system up and running 24/7. To resolve any issue, having a single point of contact will save you a fair number of headaches. The supplier will be able to use their expertise and identify the fault straight away. When organizations choose to mix and match, they may end up with faults that cannot be resolved promptly, as they’ll need first to identify where the fault comes from, and then contact the right manufacturer accordingly.

What’s more, when it comes to maintaining and expanding your system, knowing who to turn to will ensure you know which steps to follow and create a straightforward process. Having maximum uptime is key, so it’s vital to have a supplier that can provide swift and conclusive support the second you contact them. 

Ensure your feed is encrypted and safe

Ensuring your video system is secure and robust should be a key consideration at all times. Encrypting and watermarking your video ensures that you have indisputable evidence which cannot be compromised. As you choose your system, you need to be able to make sure that only authorised users can access or view live feeds. With a complete secure solution, you can benefit from peace of mind knowing that everything is secure across your network, from source to display. Choosing a single provider who puts security at the heart of their design ensures your system won’t let you down.

Additionally, it’s good to consider choosing a provider who offers an integrated technology that will alert you of cyber-attacks. This will help keep your system safe by monitoring your entire site including cameras, NVRs, workstations and alarm management solution. It should alert you of unauthorized configuration access attempts, network reconnaissance / scans, device access from unauthorized clients, shell access, use of unauthorized DNS, NTP and SMTP servers and Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. Having a system that monitors and sends alerts to your video management software guarantees that the team can respond immediately to cyber-attacks.

If you want to upgrade your existing security system, it’s important to know how to assess it, to ensure it meets your needs.

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