IndigoVision Control Center Security Hardening Guide

IndigoVision Control Center Security Hardening Guide

IndigoVision takes security of its products seriously. Our ambition and drive in the industry is to protect your assets and make anyone interacting with our products "directly or indirectly" feel safe.

All components of a security system can be the target of cyber-attack - Video Management Software, cameras, encoders, servers and the network itself.

IndigoVision's software and hardware products enable our partners to deploy and maintain a secure security system. Here are a few tips from the "IndigoVision Control Center - Security Hardening Guide" on how you can ensure your system is securely set up:

Secure Physical Access to Components

To protect the CCTV system place your cameras and network cables out of reach and out of sight to protect from unauthorized access and/or connections. Keep cabinets, NVRs, servers, switches, routers and other main computing equipment in a locked room that can only be accessed by authorized personnel.

Network Setup

It is strongly recommended that you keep your CCTV network (connecting all security system components) and main network separate, making it much harder for attacks to reach your security system. If for any reason no separated, parallel setup is possible then use a secure VLAN access route. Connecting to your CCTV system whilst outside the network is best via VPNs, secured by dedicated ports and authentication via passwords.

Firewall/IP Filter

A firewall is a network security system that is either hardware or software based that controls incoming and outgoing network traffic based on a set of rules. All IndigoVision NVRs come with an embedded firewall and cameras, encoders with an IP filter.

Disable Unused Services

Some cameras are shipped with services such as Telnet, SSH and FTP enabled. Ensure you disable the ones you do not need and change default ports used by applications and devices.

Authentication via Passwords

All IndigoVision devices require passwords to be accessed. It is essential you change factory default passwords and choose strong passwords and secure password management software.

Operating Systems (OSs)

OSs are part of all devices being used in a networked system. At IndigoVision all supplied devices are protected against the current threats by regular releases of firmware and software. Ensure you maintain your system security by applying firmware and software updates.

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