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IndigoVision launches new online training certification

IndigoVision launches new online training certification

Our renowned partner training can now be accessed online with the launch of our new virtual academy making it more convenient than ever for Partners to become a certified installer.

With the effects of COVID-19 creating restrictions on travel, the online course will replace the need to attend IndigoVision training centres while still being as comprehensive and rigorous as the face-to-face classroom sessions.

Up to 10 delegates can attend each two-day course with places now open for bookings. Participants will have access to a virtual classroom where they will be required to take 6 modules and complete a final exam to achieve their certificate and be recognised as a certified IndigoVision installer.

Raymond Stevenson, Global Head of Technical Support, said: “In creating the virtual academy we wanted to ensure our Partners enjoyed the same high quality learning experience as they would get in our classrooms. Flexibility and ease of use were key components and I’m delighted we’re now able to offer this to our Partners and make it even easier to access our renowned training.

“Partners will not need to install anything on their machines but will be able to login to a remote computer that will enable them to access their own remote camera and classroom NVR. Through Zoom conferencing a trainer will guide the partners through the modules keeping them on track and providing support as required. They will also use classroom based software to keep track of progress from each trainee PC and take control to assist and broadcast their screen to the group to provide guidance and demonstrate different features.”

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