Accelerate your business with IndigoVision's System Design Tool

Accelerate your business with IndigoVision's System Design Tool

At IndigoVision, we are dedicated to helping our customers make the most of new opportunities and win more business. For that reason, we launched our System Design Tool (SDT) enabling partners to instantly turn customer requirements into a system design proposal and approved quote.

The SDT can easily be found on IndigoVision's Partner Portal website where customers with access to the portal are able to use this new feature free of charge. The tool provides easy on-demand quote generation, saving valuable time in responding to opportunities. It not only provides you with pricing, but it's also going to save you the challenge of having to use different tools, such as lens calculators and storage calculators, to try and ensure that you're choosing the right products when designing your system.

The SDT also has a validation system built-in to make it even easier for you to mix and match compatible products. For example, the system will make sure that you'll have an appropriate NVR selected with enough storage; it'll make sure that you're not putting too many cameras on an NVR so as not to exceed throughput limitations; and it'll make sure that you have the right licensing picked out.

The user-friendly tool consists of three easy steps:

Step 1: There are two types of quotes, a standard and a quick quote. The standard quote validates your system design. As you add your products, there are calculations going on in the background and checks to make sure that you're using the appropriate products, licensing and so on. If you select a quick quote, instead of a standard quote, it gets rid of the validation system and lets you quickly put together a list of parts and pieces that you need pricing for quickly.

Step 2: After selecting your system design type, you'll have access to select products that are currently listed on IndigoVision's main price list. Once you've selected your products for your site, you can save it and come back to it later, or you can move on to the last step which is generating a quote.

Step 3: Once you've designed your system with the appropriate products, all that's left to do is to generate a quote. The approved pricing quote you'll receive is based on your partner discount.

For an in-depth walkthrough of the System Design Tool, you can view our how-to video.


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