IndigoVision announces new partnership to deliver state-of-the-art facial recognition integration

IndigoVision announces new partnership to deliver state-of-the-art facial recognition integration

Customers of IndigoVision will now be able to access advanced facial recognition technology following the announcement of a new partnership with AnyVision.

The new partnership will see AnyVision's renowned Better Tomorrow software being integrated with IndigoVision's Control Center, its innovative Security Management Solution.

Trusted by customers around the world for over 25 years, IndigoVision is committed to keeping customers at the forefront of security innovations and the new integration with Tel Aviv-based AnyVision is a powerful new addition to its portfolio of cutting edge solutions.

The new integration will see data records from AnyVision's facial recognition functionality being seamlessly sent into Control Center, enabling the fast and accurate identification of missing or wanted persons, even in large crowds.

Pedro Simoes, Chief Executive of IndigoVision, said: "Our goal is to help our customers utilise and enjoy the benefits of the very latest security innovations and so we're delighted to be working with AnyVision which is at the forefront of self-learning AI-based person recognition software."

"Ideal for police, casino and airport sites, their facial recognition software overcomes challenges around poor light conditions and different angles of view to deliver incredible accuracy and detection rates for our customers."

"IndigoVision and AnyVision share a partnership built on true innovation in the security sector," said Eylon Etshtein, CEO of AnyVision. "We value both their position and reputation in the marketplace and look forward to creating solutions that will bring about a better tomorrow."

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