IndigoVision's Control Center v15.1: Protection For All Shapes & Sizes

IndigoVision's Control Center v15.1: Protection For All Shapes & Sizes

IndigoVision's security management solution, Control Center v15.1 is here, and never before has it catered more to your security needs!

Your security needs come in all shapes and sizes, fact. From small to large installations,

10 to 10,000+ cameras, or basic security monitoring to pursuit mode or alarm escalation, there has never been more requirement for a security system to be flexible.

Trusted since 1994 by over 15,000 installations globally, this latest release gives you flexibility, with realigned software tiers, support for IndigoVision's new BX130 8/16 Channel Encoder which enables you to easily migrate analogue systems to IP, and smarter automatic NVR switching export.

Realigned software tiers

IndigoVision's software tiers allow you to mix & match any IndigoVision cameras, storage and software product combinations with the peace of mind that it will "just work".

In this release Control Center tiers have been realigned to provide you with a more attractive offering, specifically with our lower-priced tiers, IndigoPro® and IndigoLite®. You no longer need to purchase IndigoUltra® to access key features of our software.

When using IndigoPro®, you now have access to Pursuit Mode, Alarm Escalation and many other great features. IndigoLite® has had the maximum number of Device Connections increased from 20 to 24 and several great features added including Audio Recording and Digital Watermarking.

For a full overview of the realigned software tiers, see our 'Control Center Matrix' document which can be found in the Documentation section of our website.

Easy migration from analog to IP with IndigoVision's new BX130 8/16 Channel Encoder

All IndigoVision Encoders offer the flexibility to gradually migrate to IP camera by camera or to complement a completely new IP system; prolonging the life of your existing analog investment.

The new BX130 Encoder, available in 8 or 16 Channel options, is no exception and it will save you both space and money!

With up to 16 channels available in a single 1U device, the new BX130 Encoder enables you to maximize the space you have giving you more channels than ever before in the process.

With channel price savings of up to 66%, the new BX130 Encoder knows how to save you money, dramatically reducing your total cost when migrating from analog to IP.

Watch our new BX130 8/16 Channel Encoder Video now for an overview.

Smarter Automatic NVR Switching Export

Footage Export using IndigoVision's NVRs and Automatic NVR switching just got smarter, with only the exact footage you need now being exported, dramatically reducing the file size of your exported clip.

Previously when exporting, both the Primary and Secondary NVR footage would be exported, regardless of any recording interruption on the Primary NVR. With our latest release, only the footage missing from the Primary NVR is taken from the Secondary NVR, resulting in minimal footage duplication.

This flexibility, combined with IndigoVision's commitment to open standards, integration, and our unique Distributed Network Architecture (DNA) means we are proud to present this trusted and experienced field-proven solution as an effective security solution that caters exactly to your needs, regardless of requirements.

To find out more about Control Center v15.1, and the soon to be released BX130 8/16 Channel Encoder contact us now.

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